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Blekersdijk, 33A
9000 Gent
Christa Veldeman

How To Apply

via email : jobs@waylay.io

via website : https://www.waylay.io/jobs.html


Waylay is an Internet of Things (IoT) service platform with a powerful rules engine at its core. It acts as a cloud-to-cloud orchestration middleware and connects IoT products with IT systems and cloud services, enabling companies to build automations, integrations and applications faster than ever before.

Waylay comes with a unique offering for IoT, combining data aggregation and next generation business automation onto the same platform. Our flexible, secure and scalable development framework is used by companies to build integrated solutions in domains such as smart home, connected building, smart city, asset management, predictive maintenance, smart care & assisted living and more.

Number of employees in Belgium: 18
Number of employees in total: 18
Internships: Yes

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