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Hannah Smeyers

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Send your resume to c.dehous@sweepatic.com


Cyber attackers observe organizations and collect large amounts of information to plan their attack. Not having a real-live view on the dynamic online footprint ('attack surface') of your organization leaves you exposed.
Sweepatic, founded in 2016 and based in Leuven (Belgium), is an innovative data driven cybersecurity venture operating on a global scale. Mimicking cyber attackers, our Reconnaissance Platform discovers and monitors the online footprint of your organization, cloud-based, non-intrusive, 24/7, and allows your organization to manage its attack surface.
We sell platform licenses to large enterprises with complex online footprints and valuable brands to protect, managed security service providers, value added resellers and technology integration partners. In June 2019, we secured 1.0 million EUR from eCAPITAL in a series A funding round. We continue to scale up and evolve the platform further towards a fully scalable, automated and intelligence driven SaaS solution.

Number of employees in Belgium: 7
Number of employees in total: 10
Internships: Yes

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