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How To Apply

Applying can be done via our jobsite: https://www.delaware.pro/en-BE/Careers/junior

After your application and if we see a first match, one of our junior recruiters will plan a first introductory call. This is a short informal phone call to align on what you’re looking for and to discuss the opportunities at delaware at that time being.

If your interests match our needs, your recruiter will plan an HR interview at one of our offices. After that, you’ll have one or two business interviews with people managers from the team you’ll end up in. If all goes well, we’ll meet one last time to discuss your financial proposal. And hopefully, a couple of weeks later, you’re our new colleague!

Keep in mind that we don’t see your application as an elimination race, but rather as a process where we will try to look for the best possible match with you. This means that both you and we can ask for more flexibility if needed.


Help us build the bridge between business and IT

Taking your first steps onto the job market and feeling like Bambi on ice? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. At delaware, we’ll offer you the perfect blend to kick-start your career. The ingredients? A well-balanced mix of business, IT and consultancy.

We are an IT consultancy company. We like to bring out the best in technology (and in people!) to help our customers improve their business processes. We truly believe that innovation and technology go hand in hand, so we’re always on the lookout for new, exciting tools. Either way, as consultants, we take pride in the solutions we build and the services we offer. Want to know more? Here are some fun facts & figures about us!

Let’s get you off to a flying start

Whether you’re interested in software development, business processes, data analytics or digital transformation, we trust that you and your expertise will fit right in. Discover a whole new world as a technical consultant, a functional consultant, or somewhere in between.
By the way: In 2020, we welcomed no less than 83 junior starters!

Which adventure will you chose?

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Number of employees in Belgium: 1250
Number of employees in total: 2400
Internships: Yes

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