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Daphne Bakermans

How To Apply

Send a mail with your application to jobs@easics.be or register on our website.


Looking for colleagues to ride the digital wave

You're into algorithms and signal processing? Perfect! You're a
big-picture person whose world extends far beyond voltages, currents and
charges? Even better! You have or are about to get a Master of Science
or PhD degree in Electrical Engineering (Embedded Systems and
Multimedia, or Electronics and Integrated Circuits), Computer Science,
Applied Mathematics, or similar? Terrific! Read on!

We make the world a smarter place

Easics is the reference in smart electronic systems design. Our
customers are world-leading companies. They give us interesting and
rewarding challenges for first-of-a-kind applications. Take for example:
a blindingly fast vision-based food sorting line, a radiation-hardened
camera for earth observation satellites, top-notch cochlear implants, intelligent
power-harvesting wireless tags for airborne components, ... We invent
the algorithms (i.e., the 'smart' in smart systems). We model such
challenges in software, and go through successive layers of abstraction.
Trade-offs in performance, power consumption and area, amongst others,
are made along the road, resulting in the physical realization: an FPGA,
a System-on-Chip or a custom ASIC. And we often embed one or more
processors running our software, e.g., on GNU/Linux.

We'll make you an expert

Whether you are an eager starter having just obtained your Master's
degree or a seasoned professional, we'll guide you through our design
methodology and let you use our vast body of expertise. Easics is
known to be a 'learning' company, a company that will give you the
chance and time to become an expert.

Start-up fun in a rock-solid company

As a small company with decades of experience, Easics offers a start-up
experience where initiative and inspiration are valued. This flexibility is
backed by a stable, independent company with strong financials and a
persistently bright outlook.

We can't wait to see you join our team

Number of employees in Belgium: 20
Number of employees in total: 20
Internships: Yes