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Hendrik Consciencestraat 1b
2800 Mechelen
Ewa Burzynska

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send your CV to jobs@caeleste.be


Caeleste is a proud group of engineers, scientists & enthusiasts who create innovative CMOS image sensor solutions. We go the extra mile to create unique & beyond state-of-the art solutions that allow our customers to differentiate in their field of expertise. From within our Belgian office, we collaborate with world-class multi-national companies that shape the market in space, scientific, medical, industrial and life science applications. Thanks to the in-house expertise on high-speed, sub-electron noise, ultra-high dynamic range and extreme radiation-hard designs, Caeleste ensures an end-to-end quality focus on the entire product flow. At Caeleste, having fun goes hand-in-hand with our proudness.

Number of employees in Belgium: 40
Number of employees in total: 40
Internships: Yes

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