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Be-Mobile, headquartered in Ghent, pioneers in Smart Mobility Solutions on an international level. We offer advanced solutions to measure and manage the traffic flows in order to put travelers, cities, road authorities, parking operators and logistics companies all around the world in control of their mobility processes. We are currently developing technological solutions for electronic toll collection, intermodal route planning, fleet management ...

Underlying our strength is our revolutionary Connected Vehicle & Traffic Platform. Through our Connected Car & Traffic Platform, we collect Floating Car Data from millions of connected vehicles in Europe and turn them into valuable traffic information. This is the engine to our car, putting our offerings in motion.

On a long term basis, our Connected Vehicle & Traffic Platform must evolve towards a Total Traffic Management Platform incorporating innovations in AI, big data processing, traffic routing algorithms, low latency geo messaging, etc. A world where total impact-driven traffic management unites every stakeholder in the mobility chain and matches the demand for mobility with the available capacity.

In order to keep track with this evolution towards Total Traffic Management, we are looking for driven talents who want to contribute to the future of mobility.
As a fast growing tech company we indulge cutting-edge technologies and invest in durable and interesting careers where we map your professional growth on the opportunities within Be-Mobile.

Our young, trustworthy and passionate team players are curious to get to know you! Are you as well?

Number of employees in Belgium: 103
Number of employees in total: 9
Internships: Yes

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