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John Kennedylaan 51
9052 Gent
Ellen Fonck

How To Apply

Apply online on belgium.arcelormittal.com/carriere/vacatures


Fabric of life

Steel is everywhere. From washing machines to skyscrapers. From wind farms to high-speed rail. Producing this strong, versatile and infinitely recyclable material is something you can be truly proud of. It’s an opportunity to make a positive contribution to your community while helping to provide innovative, sustainable solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing society today. The work you do, at ArcelorMittal, will end up as part of the fabric of everyone’s lives for generations to come.

Run with It

Everyone is hands-on at ArcelorMittal. Our work presents us with unique challenges every day, and we have to use our own initiative and do whatever it takes to get the job done. The same goes for your career path. Don’t expect everything to be handed to you here. Instead, you need to seize control of your development and explore the diverse opportunities we offer to learn, grow and progress in your country and around the world.

Shoulder to Shoulder

We are a performance-driven business. Our strength comes from having a rich tapestry of high-performance, multi-cultural teams, each of them working together effectively to achieve the same organizational goals. Being part of one of these teams is like being part of a caring family. You know what you do will be valued and appreciated; and there are always people you can turn to for encouragement and support. You also benefit from working alongside more experienced professionals who can provide you with expert mentoring, coaching and advice.

Number of employees in Belgium: 5800
Number of employees in total: 200000
Internships: Yes