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Gaston Geenslaan 11 - B4
3001 Heverlee
Daphne Bakermans

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easics is the reference in smart electronic systems design. Our customers are world-leaders in their field. They give us interesting and rewarding challenges for first-of-a-kind applications. Take for example: neural net inference at the extreme edge, a radiation-hardened camera for earth observation satellites, top-notch hearing implants helping newborns and grandmas alike, power-harvesting wireless tags, …

We discuss the complex algorithms and requirements with our customers and turn them into cutting-edge reality, solving the challenges inherent to silicon implementations. We model these challenges in software and optimize all layers of abstraction. Trade-offs in performance, power consumption and area are made along the way, resulting in the physical realization: an FPGA, a System-on-Chip or a custom-tailored ASIC at the heart of our customer’s products.

Number of employees in Belgium: 25
Number of employees in total: 25
Internships: Yes

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