IEEE, Ceneka & PKarus present

Career & Technology Event

Monday March 11, 2019

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A completely renewed job and technology event

EMECS, or ElectroMechanics, Electronics and Computer Sciences is a joint venture between CenEka, PKarus and IEEE. With more than 10 years of experience in organizing job fairs we combine the best elements of traditional job fairs, technology conferences and classical networking events. This way we bring your representatives in contact with the brightest engineering students in the most pleasant way possible.

Monday March 11, 2019

From 16:00 until 20:00
Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 126
9052 Ghent, Belgium

Student profiles

Reach out to students from Ghent University graduating in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Get in touch with future electrical, electromechanical and computer science engineers in a pleasant atmosphere. Connect with students at an event organized specifically for them, rather than every engineering discipline from Ghent University.

computer sciences

Computer science engineers from Ghent University have a broad basic knowledge as well as the creative skills to conceive, design, build, and exploit information processing systems.

electrical engineering

Electrical engineers from Ghent University are trained to analyze, design, fabricate and test smart devices. Meanwhile they also have a broad understanding of the internet-of-things.

electromechanical engineering

Electromechanical engineering is a collection of engineering disciplines around the themes motion, force and energy. Ghent University delivers graduates in Control Engineering and Automation, Electrical Power Engineering, Maritime Engineering, Mechanical Construction and Mechanical Energy Engineering.

MSc + BSc + Ph.D.

Reach numerous students of the specified disciplines. This includes students of both engineering educations in Belgium, and even PhD students.

What you can expect


Let engineers of your company intrigue our students with your technology. Let HR-representatives showcase the career opportunities at your firm. The conversation gets dynamical by taking away the barriers - literally and figuratively.


Generate exclusive attention with a short talk about the cutting-edge technology of your company, discussing an interesting case your company solved, or to debate your position in a global technological context.
Disclaimer: presentation slots are limited and will only be assigned after EMECS approval.


Drinks and hot food will be provided to all students, leaving not a single reason not to attend our event. Also representatives can enjoy a free meal.


We're engineers, and we like numbers. Like last year, we will use smart algorithms to direct the best fitting profiles directly to you and conduct measurements to assess the effectiveness of this event.

EMECS Career & Technology Event

Some atmosphere images of last year

Available packages

All startups enjoy a 10% discount*


  • Logo present on homepage
  • Company section on website
  • Job and internship listings on company section
  • Acces to contact information and cv of students attending your booth
  • Acces to contact information and cv of all subscribed students
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Premium Plus

  • Logo present on homepage
  • Company section on website
  • Job and internship listings on company section
  • Acces to contact information and cv of students attending your booth
  • Acces to contact information and cv of all subscribed students
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Boost your presence at our job fair with a short presentation in which one of your engineers can present a project that differentiates your company from others. These talks are given at a central location where you can reach a lot of students.

As of this year the microtalks are an extra feature we give you on top of the mentioned packages.

Note: the time slots for the microtalks are limited and will be assigned after EMECS approval

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*based on your number of employees. Please contact us to check if you're eligible for this discount.

Meet Our Team

This event is the result of intense collaboration between three student societies who aim to bring students of their respective target disciplines closer to relevant companies and vice versa.
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CenEka is a society for computer science and electrical engineering students at Ghent University. We strive to unify students with the same interests, introduce them to new technologies and kickstart their career through events like the EMECS job fair.


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PKarus is the growing student association for electromechanical engineers at Ghent University. The main goal is to offer the students a more practical approach, next to their theoretical studies. This is achieved by organizing company visits, lectures and workshops. Lastly, Pkarus promotes the contact between the students by social activities.


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IEEE Student Branch

IEEE Student Branch Ghent represents the global organisation, IEEE in Ghent. IEEE unites all technology enthousiasts in the fields of electronics, computerscience, robotics and electrical energy by organizing programming competitions, lectures and movienights. IEEE Ghent also facilitates projects in which students can get hands on experience e.g. by building an electric kart.